We Offer Exceptional Rental Services

Each property and each owner is unique and may have a unique management need or desire. We're very proud of our ability to meet those unique needs or desires.

Professional managers all provide the same services. It is the commitment to excellence of these services which sets aside the top managers. Randall Berg & Associates has a proven track record of increasing building occupancy levels, the quality of residents, prudent maintenance services, and overall building performance.

Randall Berg & Associates view property management as a partnership. The more professionally managed, the greater the benefits for the owner, the tenants and the management firm. To that end, we commit our experience and resources.

Summary of Management Services

Our customers receive higher rents, lower maintenance and repair costs, longer tenancies, shorter unit turn-around times to name a few of the benefits of our style of management.


Administrative Services

  1. Train and supervise all on-site personnel in proper tenant relations, apartment marketing techniques, building and grounds care and bookkeeping methods.
  2. Use proper and thorough screening procedures when locating and qualifying tenants as vacancies occur. These procedures will include checking an applicant's credit history; verify employment and confidential interviews with present and past landlords.
  3. Maintain accurate administrative records to include tenant leases, applications, insurance policies, mortgage information, service contracts, etc.



Financial Management Services

  1. Establish rent levels in line with current market conditions.  Rent levels are reviewed according to the lease terms and/or on an annual basis.
  2. Provide for the collection and recording of rents and other income.
  3. Record disbursements of all payables, including city services insurance premiums, mortgages, etc.
  4. Prepare and issue monthly operating statements showing monthly and year to date income and expense activity.
  5. Original invoices are included.
  6. Research, prepare and review annual operating budgets.
  7. Follow up on overdue rents, including filing liens and suits against delinquent accounts.  When authorized, we shall pursue an aggressive collection and initiate legal action on your behalf for unresolved delinquencies.



Physical Management Services   

  1. Conduct scheduled inspections of the property.
  2. Attend to repair and maintenance requests promptly, supervising the work of contractors ensuring quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing.
  3. Assist in preparing maintenance service contracts.
  4. Develop an annual operating plan for maintenance and repairs scheduled on a weekly, monthly or other basis.
  5. Create clear and concise bid sheets enabling contractors to bid major repairs and capital improvements on an "apple to apple" basis.