Company Introduction

Since 1986, Randall Berg & Associates has been providing quality, professional management care to investment real estate owners throughout King County.  This care includes managing residential and commercial properties and their leasing, maintenance and capital improvements.   We understand your income property is much more than a simple investment and commit our knowledge and resources to its success.

Our large portfolio of income properties range from single family homes, commercial buildings, condominiums and multi-family apartment buildings valued at more than $150,000,000.00.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, property investor or an experienced apartment owner, Randall Berg & Associates can assist you with all your real estate needs.


"I appreciate all the stuff you need to deal with, with us being a small hoa. I like the fact that you do everything in your power to get our homeowners to participate! You have been a wonderful addition to our hazel valley family.... You have been our rock throughout some difficult times, and I want you to know that we are greatly appreciative for that!"

Amanda Hale

Hazel Valley


"...with Randall Berg & Associates, we achieve quick lease ups without sacrificing tenant quality.  RB&A is a professional and effective property manager."

David Sigl
DGS Development

"Their knowledge of current market conditions enabled us to achieve a rent level far above our expectations and that of our bank.  As a direct result, the market value of our building has increased dramatically."

Jerry Malsam
JM Construction

"...due to their experience and vendor contacts, RB&A saved us thousands in maintenance and repair dollars."

Jay Towne
Iguana Properties

"...month-end accounting is clear, concise and saves hours of bookkeeping plus provides an up-to-date analysis of each unit.

Based on my own business philosophy of professionalism, ethics and customer service, it is with utmost confidence that I have recommended RBA to my friends and colleagues."

Suzanne Goertzen
Windermere Real Estate – Mercer Island

“Our apartments experienced high tenant turnover, high vacancies and high expenses until we hired Randall Berg & Associates.  Since then, our operating profits are up due to increased rental income and lower operating expenses.”

John Meisenbach
MCM Financial

“We develop apartment projects to hold, therefore tenant quality is more important to us than obtaining market rents.  Randall Berg & Associates continues to attract tenants with proven track records who are willing to pay market rents.”

Frank Huhn, Jr.
F&H Construction

“Our tenants were skeptical when we decided not to self-manage anymore. Their hands on approach to working with my property and the training of the on-site managers creates an atmosphere of confidence and friendship.  Our tenants are very pleased with Randall Berg & Associates and so are we.”

John Weiks
The Jonru Apartments

Summary of Management Services:


Our customers receive higher rents, lower maintenance and repair costs, longer tenancies, shorter unit turn-around times to name a few of the benefits of our style of management.


Administrative Services

  1. Train and supervise all on-site personnel in proper tenant relations, apartment marketing techniques, building and grounds care and bookkeeping methods.
  2. Use proper and thorough screening procedures when locating and qualifying tenants as vacancies occur. These procedures will include checking an applicant's credit history; verify employment and confidential interviews with present and past landlords.
  3. Maintain accurate administrative records to include tenant leases, applications, insurance policies, mortgage information, service contracts, etc.


Financial Management Services

  1. Establish rent levels in line with current market conditions.  Rent levels are reviewed according to the lease terms and/or on an annual basis.
  2. Provide for the collection and recording of rents and other income.
  3. Record disbursements of all payables, including city services insurance premiums, mortgages, etc.
  4. Prepare and issue monthly operating statements showing monthly and year to date income and expense activity.
  5. Original invoices are included.
  6. Research, prepare and review annual operating budgets.
  7. Follow up on overdue rents, including filing liens and suits against delinquent accounts.  When authorized, we shall pursue an aggressive collection and initiate legal action on your behalf for unresolved delinquencies.


Physical Management Services

  1. Conduct scheduled inspections of the property.
  2. Attend to repair and maintenance requests promptly, supervising the work of contractors ensuring quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing.
  3. Assist in preparing maintenance service contracts.
  4. Develop an annual operating plan for maintenance and repairs scheduled on a weekly, monthly or other basis.
  5. Create clear and concise bid sheets enabling contractors to bid major repairs and capital improvements on an "apple to apple" basis.